First Steps in Faith


Children take their first steps in faith by hearing Bible stories, learning to be a follower of Jesus by doing activities, being kind to one another and showing love, as Jesus taught us to do.

Take Those First Steps In Faith With Us!

Faith Kid-Nection


This class is to Kid-Nect every child with the love of Christ and grow in the word of God while having fun.  They will have the opportunity to participate in active worship, interactive games, Bible stories, hands-on learning and making friends.

Kid-Nect Your Faith with Us!

Faith Explorers


Children truly are exploring their faith and learning about Jesus.  They have minds eager to learn and are excited about God and what He has done, and what He will do for them.  They will grow closer to God by worshiping, dancing, singing, discussing, laughing and learning.

Come and Explore Your Faith with Us!


Connect2 Faith


As a middle school Sunday school class, kids Connect2 their Faith while exploring the classic Bible stories and what the character learned and how they can apply that lesson to our lives today.  Examples of people with tremendous Biblical faith can help us when modern life tries our faith today.  The children will learn about God’s plan for their life and His love for them.

Connect2 Faith with Us!