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Lifetree Cafe

Faith United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
133 Main St., Woodbury, PA 16695
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Lifetree Café
“Where’s the Justice?
What to Do When Life Seems Unfair”

July 25, 2019

The program, titled “Where’s the Justice? What to Do When Life Seems Unfair,” includes a filmed interview with
Jasmine Lima-Marin, whose husband, Rene Lima-Marin, served 10 years in prison for a robbery conviction.
After rebuilding his life and finding employment, Rene was sent back to prison when it was discovered
the court made a mistake regarding the length of his sentence.

“He didn’t have any idea this would happen, and neither did I,” says Jasmine. “A sentence of 98 years
is essentially life in prison. He’ll never be able to play with our kids again.”

What do you do when life seems completely unfair? Join us as we discuss this and try to understand how
to cope when life seems unfair during Lifetree.



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The Mission of Faith United Methodist Church

Following Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28,
using the guidance of the Bible and the power of prayer, our mission is:
"To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

We do so through Faith's Vision...

"Faith Church will be a disciple-making church by offering ways for people
to come to faith in Christ, to grow in their faith in Christ, and share their faith in Christ."

Faith United Methodist Church

133 Main St., Woodbury PA 16695

Worship Times

Worship Service
9:00 AM

Sunday School
10:15 AM

Fellowship Time
10 - 10:15 AM